This blog post documents all of Pandemonium! wiki's old news from The Daily Lyr, on the home page.

September 26th 2012 - Pandemonium-styled game launches for PC

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, a game that has been compared artistically to the Pandemonium series, has recently reached its Kickstarter goal and will soon be available on PC. It will be coming to consoles in 2013.

August 14th 2012 - Pandemonium 2 on PSN:

Pandemonium 2 is now available to purchase on the EU PSN store. Get both games for the modest price of £3.99 each.

March 2nd 2012 - Sign Petition for Pandemonium 3:

Pandemonium. A PlayStation and Sega Saturn classic. A game I’ll keep coming back to, year after year for its insane game-play, beautiful locales and comic humor. Not bad for a game created 14 years ago! It got me thinking: isn't it high-time for another installment in the series?! Having recently contacted ToysForBob, the masterminds behind Pandemonium 1 & 2 regarding the subject, they showed optimism toward a third installment! The snag, however, was that they weren’t sure if the publishers Crystal Dynamics, (now owned by Square Enix), would support development of such a game. The market for a third game in the Pandemonium series could definitely out there. Whereas releasing a 2.5D platformer for the likes of PS2, Gamecube or Xbox may have resulted in suffering sales - the introduction of Xbox Live and Playstation Network has changed this greatly. With a boom in 2.5D games in recent years both on online marketplaces (Trine, Limbo and Braid) and with the return of remade classics (New Mario and Sonic 4), perhaps the odds for a well designed, comical third Pandemonium are far more favorable. With both Pandemonium games available for purchase on the PSN's PSone Classics service, Sony no doubt see the significance of the series. Perhaps if Square Enix see the demand for a third game to finish off a worthy trilogy, they’ll give the rights to ToysForBob, or a developer they see fit, for a third game to be made in our beloved series. To sign the petition follow this link and wish away to your hearts content!


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