The Bitter End
Righteous Path Screen
Vital Info
Location Comet
Level # 18
Terrain Psychedelia
Preceded by Lick The Toad
Succeeded by Rub the Buddha
Appearances Pandemonium 2

The Bitter End is the eighteenth level of Pandemonium 2. It is the Comet's final line of defense before reaching the very center of the core.


In the deepest part of the Comet's core, the heroes must navigate a labyrinthine, nightmarish, booby-trapped factory of sorts to find a way out and reach the heart of the core.




  • The level shares its name with a well-known phrase meaning "the limit of one's efforts", "the conclusive moment".
  • This is the longest level in the second game, as much of the level requires backtracking to get past some parts.