Spider Forest
Spider Forest PSN-upload
Mystic Map Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # Level 9
Terrain Forest
Preceded by Branky Wastes
Succeeded by Canopy Village
Appearances Pandemonium!

Spider Forest is a dense woodland beyond Lyr's deserts.


The forest is on the outskirts of Goon Honcho's logging operation, and although eerily beautiful, many of the trees have been carved out, the hollow passages within acting as mechanical lifts. Swinging platforms help workers get from A to B, but be wary of the high number of traps waiting to be sprung throughout the level. As the name suggests, the forest is inhabited by spiders, and as one would expect - spiderwebs are abundant. Strong enough to propel a person, use them to your advantage when collecting coins and ridding the area of enemies.