Sid magical hoppers

Sid (シッド) was a sentient talking stick, that acted as a mentor character in Magical Hoppers.


In the Sega Saturn opening, after introducing himself and explaining what was happening in Amazing Land, Sid pleads to the player to help save not only his and their world, but the Universe as well.

Believing the player has accepted his offer, Sid explains that the only way to get to the Amazing Land is by means of a "special wavelength", of which only Clam and Guppy have. He also suggests that, as they are careless, they do the adventuring and the player will help them out where they can.


Sid comes across as a very wise and learned being. He claims to know much about Amazing Land and helps guide Clam and Guppy. He also has a tendency of being noisy, as can be seen in the PS1 ending.


Unlike the Sid of Pandemonium!, this version takes the guise of an older man, his gnarled wood acting as if the wrinkles of age. In the centre of his face is a blue gem that acts as if it were his nose. Both halves of his head resemble different birds, the right half resembling a vulture and the left a parrot.