Shapechanging[1] is an ability that Fargus and Nikki share in Pandemonium!.


By running through gateways, Fargus and Nikki can shapeshift into one of four animals.


The "air-apparent". A Dragoon transformation (a dragon with a Goon-like head) enables Fargus or Nikki to fly through the area and breathe fire. The Dragoon gateway can be found high above Lyr in the sky castles.


With the rhino transformation, one can charge through almost anything, from Goons and Brankies to cacti. Standing still however makes you a sitting duck, you must be charging to perform damage. The Rhino gateway can be found in Lyr's desert.


Jumping super high is an ability the Frog has. The Frog gateway can be found beneath Lyr in the damp Acid Pools and Fungus Grottos.


The turtle's forte is the ability to hide within his shell, but don't let this fool you, when sharp buzzsaws of Honcho's Logmill come slices through the air, this turtle's shell is close to impenetrable.

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