Rub the Buddha
Righteous Path Screen
Vital Info
Location Comet
Level # 19
Terrain Core
Preceded by The Bitter End
Succeeded by End (Credits)
Appearances Pandemonium 2

Rub the Buddha is the final level of Pandemonium 2. It is the final battle against Zorrscha herself, who has used the Comet's magic to turn herself into the Buddha.


When the player enter this stage, it is considered a little too late as Zorrscha has absorb the comet's magic and turn herself into a very large entity. The battle here is rather unique as player will engage the morphed Zorrscha by hovering around her and shoot magical energy into weak spots around her body. the player can fully maneuver in the air but mid that the entity will spin towards the player.


When defeated the entity's head will sever and a passage become available to the head so the player can go to the severed head to claim the magical power.


The level's title refers to Aladdin, a middle-eastern folk tale, crossed with the mythological belief of Buddhism's Buddha.

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