The Queen of Amazing Land (女王) is the regent in charge of a mystical Kingdom known as Amazing Land.


Queen of Amazing Land

The Queen in crisis

With Amazing Land in a critical situation, The Queen enlists the help of Magical Hoppers Clam and Guppy to resolve the crisis that's plaguing the land.

Her servant and advisor, Sid, brings the teenagers through into the Kingdom and advises them on their journey to save the Queen's kingdom.


Queen of Amazing Land restored

Restoration at last

The Queen is no ordinary lady - pink hair and lengthy horns are what it takes to rule regent in the extraordinary world of Amazing Land. She is shown wearing a series of rather revealing cloths that constitute into a form of robes, and towers far above both Clam and Guppy in height.


Unlike other characters from Magical Hoppers, the Queen has no counterpart in the original game, Pandemonium!.


(Note: The name in this article is purely conjectural, based on description alone)