Zorrscha 'I will not be defeated!'

"I will not be defeated!"

Queen Zorrscha was the main antagonist of Pandemonium 2.


Zorrscha 'Die NOW!'

"Die now!"

Queen Zorrscha was the evil Goon queen and the leader of the Goons. When the Comet of Infinite Possibilities passed over Lyr, she saw an excellent chance to plunder the comet's magic and pervert its power to her twisted desires.

Upon reaching the core of the comet, an overindulgence of its rich magical properties transforms Zorrscha into the Buddha, a many-armed monstrosity with incredible magical powers.


Zorrscha acts as a mini-boss in the Puzzlewood and Zoul Train levels in which she has to be defeated to progress further through those levels. Her only attack in these fights is shooting fireballs in the direction of the heroes.


Zorrscha flag

Flag of Zorrscha

Zorrscha has dark blue skin and hair and in that sense is similar to a variety of Goons that she commands; however other than this colouring, she takes the form of a human female. Unlike Nikki and Fargus, however, she has small horns protruding from her head. She wears little, with just a metallic armored bra over her bosom and thigh length boots.


  • The flag used by the Goons in servitude to her, can be seen several times in Goon City.
  • Her character model is generally similar to that of Nikki, except with some minor additions, like the horns.
  • Although Magical Hoppers isn't canon with the Pandemonium series, Zorrscha shares some qualities with another ruler from that game - the Queen of Amazing Land, in that she also has horns.