Password screen

Passwords are codes that enable certain elements of the games to be unlocked for the player, whether it is their previous progress or a cheat-code feature. This feature does not appear in the Japanese version Miracle Jumpers, as it was replaced by Memory Card options.

Progress codesEdit

These codes are given after the completion of a level, and as a form of save system are based on the progress made during the level. This may include the coins, hearts, heart-containers and happy face lives obtained.

Cheat codesEdit

Cheat codes may used in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes, and although some may easily be considered to be cheating, via making the game easier, others may add increased difficulty and challenge. They can be grouped accordingly:

God-mode cheatsEdit

These cheats are designed to give the player an extremely easy play-through of the game.
GETACCES = "World's Your Oyster!" Level Select
NEVERDIE = "Can't Touch This!" Invincibility

Easy-mode cheatsEdit

These cheats are designed to give the player an easier play-through of the game.
MAECCBEJ = Jump straight to the final level (Very Easy.)
IMMORTAL = "Life Of The Party!" Gain 31 Happy Faces. (Easy)
HORMONES = "You Look So Healthy!" Gain maximum health. (Easy)
MAKMYDAY = "Permanent Weapon!" Special weapons never run out of power (Easy)

Challenge cheatsEdit

These cheats are designed to add an extra bit of challenge to the game, effectively creating a hard mode.
JUSTKIDN = "Immortal Enemies!" Enemies respawn after death (Hard)
GONAHURL = "Rock 'N' Roll!" Rotate the screen by holding L1 + L2 and moving the D-pad

Fun cheatsEdit

Designed to add an extra bit of fun to the game.
GENETICS = "Mutant Mania!" Hold L2 to mutate your body. Press L2 + X to reset
ACIDDUDE = "Bizarre Land!" Change the graphics to a distorted variety.

Bonus-round cheatsEdit

Designed for continuous bonus-level play.
SKATBORD = "Boarder Run!" Takes you to Boarder Run when you finish a level

Level codesEdit

Level codes are considered a type of cheat-code in the sense that it will unlock all levels up to a point, however, without previous obtained items.