Although a small series of only two games, the Pandemonium world created by ToysForBob and produced by Crystal Dynamics has been one of platform-gaming legend.

This wiki is dedicated to collecting all the information related to these two games. From detailed character bios, to articles that not only explore the (limited) lore of the world, but also provide a guide to playing the games for beginners and veterans alike.

A word from the Founder

I shall now be frank, initially created in 2010 as a means to combat not only my boredom but to fill in some spare time I had on my hands - I never thought I'd become so engrossed in detailing the wiki. Yet I did, and although it's been somewhat dormant over its 2 years of existence, it is now thriving thanks to nostalgic contributors creeping on in. It has even motivated me to recently add a snazzy theme and wordmark.

So please let your nostalgia fuel you, come forth and edit, come forth and contribute to the pandemonium! --Benxander 18:25, August 17, 2012 (UTC)

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