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Welcome to the Land of Lyr - home to magic, wishes, insanity and of course our beloved maniacal heroes: Fargus, Nikki and Sid. Be it the Wishing Engine or the Comet of Infinite Possibilities, what will YOU wish for? So without further ado...

Let the Games Begin!

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Magical Hoppers マジカルホッパーズ is the Japanese equivalent to Pandemonium!. As with its Western counterpart, it was developed by ToysForBob, with certain changes and additions made by Bandai. Read more...

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Themoe Fanart

A Collection of Pandemonium Fanart, written by Benxander. (12th October, 2012)

Here is my comprehensive collection of my favourite pieces from around [deviantart] ...

"The Daily Lyr"

August 22nd 2014 - Recent wikia affiliations :
The Pandemonium! wiki has recently become affiliated with fellow Toys For Bob wikias: the Skylanders wiki and The Unholy War wiki. So, if you love Pandemonium!, why not check out the Pande dev's other works by visiting The Realm of Skylands or The Planet Xsarra ? We've also affiliated with the Primal wiki, so be sure to check out the PS2 fantasy adventure classic over at their wikia.

February 24th 2013 - Own a PS Vita?:
Although not all PS One classics are available for the system, both Pandemonium 1 and 2 are! [1]

September 26th 2012 - Pandemonium-styled game launches for PC:
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, a game that has been compared artistically to the Pandemonium series, has recently reached its Kickstarter goal and will soon be available on PC. It will be coming to consoles in 2013. [2]

August 23rd 2012 - Pandemonium 1 and 2 are part of the PSN Summer sale:
Get them both for £1.59. Offer ends on the 29th August. [3]

August 14th 2012 - Pandemonium 2 on PSN:
Pandemonium 2 is now available to purchase on the EU PSN store. Get both games for the modest price of £3.99 each.[4]


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