The playable demo of Pandemonium 2 was released for both the PC as a downloadable Demo, and for the PlayStation, where it was featured in several PAL demo discs, but not in any of the NTSC-U demo discs however.


The demo starts with the Main Menu, which looks very similar to how it was in the full game, with the only difference being that instead of bringing up the Righteous Path to select either Nikki or Fargus upon selecting NEW GAME, it brings up a barebones Character Selection screen, where the player can choose between the two characters by their names. After choosing either Nikki or Fargus, the demo immediately starts at Ice Prison, and ends either upon completing said level or by losing all Happy Faces, pressing SELECT at any time or leaving it idle for more than 30 seconds. The PC version however takes the player back to the Main Menu after completing the level or by losing all Happy Faces. The Boarder Run bonus level is absent even after collecting the required percentage of Treasure, along with the Passworld system and the LOAD and SAVE options in the PC version, which still remain accessable, but the player will not be able to enter a password or cheat code, or load and save in the PC version, as the functions remain locked as said by the demo. The PREVIEW option in the PlayStation demo is still present, except that it just loads up the Main Menu once more, rather than displaying the Gex: Enter the Gecko trailer as seen in the full game.

List of demo discs, where the PlayStation version of this demo can be found onEdit

  • Euro Demo 28 aka. Official UK PlayStation Magazine CD 11 Vol. 2
  • Euro Demo 15 (France)
  • Euro Demo (Future) 105
  • Euro Demo Germany 09/01 (The Icon says Pandemonium, which hints that it is the demo of the original Pandemonium, but upon selecting it, it is the demo for Pandemonium 2, not 1. It is clearly a typo, as whoever designed the icons and included this demo on this demo disc forgot to put the 2 in the title.)
  • Euro Demo Germany 10/02
  • Essential PlayStation Vol. 8
  • PlayStation Kids

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