Soundtrack composed by Burke Trieschmann

The Pandemonium! soundtrack was the musical accompaniment to Pandemonium!.


The soundtrack was composed by Burke Trieschmann. It drew heavy influence from Celtic music, providing an acoustic flavour alongside cool beats to bring both the gameplay and the medieval fantasy world of Pandemonium to life. Trieschmann continued composing for Crystal Dynamics, composing the soundtrack for the sequel.


  1. Main Menu
  2. Mystic Map
  3. Skull Fortress
  4. Skull Fortress B
  5. Hollow Stairway
  6. Hollow Stairway B
  7. Dungeon Tower
  8. Dungeon Tower B
  9. Lost Caves
  10. Fungus Grotto
  11. Acid Pools
  12. Boss 1: Shroom Lord
  13. Burning Desert
  14. Branky Wastes
  15. Spider Forest/Canopy Village
  16. Soldier Barracks/Honcho's Logmill
  17. Soldier Barracks B
  18. Boss 2: Goon Honcho
  19. Honcho's Airship
  20. Dragoon Skyfort
  21. Cloud Citadel
  22. Efreet Palace
  23. Frozen Cavern
  24. Storm Temple
  25. Boss 3: Wishing Engine
  26. Full Tilt