The Mystic Map is the map screen of Pandemonium!. It can be used to access individual levels and change your character. Bonus levels cannot be accessed from the Mystic Map.


Each level's portal is represented by different objects and backdrops that summarise the level.

  • Skull Fortress: Castle
  • Hollow Stairway: Hollowed tower with a staircase
  • Dungeon Tower: Fiery walkway
  • Lost Caves: Cave with stalagmites and stalactites
  • Fungus Grotto: Mushrooms
  • Acid Pools: Slime slides
  • Shroom Lord: Shroom Lord's keep
  • Burning Desert: Burning sand
  • Branky Wastes: Rocky sea-saws and carcasses
  • Spider Forest: Spider-webbed grove
  • Canopy Village: Boardwalk above trees
  • Soldier Barracks: Wooden barracks and deforested soil.
  • Honcho's Logmill: Watermill and deforested soil
  • Goon Honcho: Wooden boardwalk
  • Honcho's Airship: Airship and clouds
  • Dragoon Skyfort: Wooden fort in sky
  • Cloud Citadel: Towers in the sky
  • Efreet Palace: Palace in the sky
  • Frozen Cavern: Clouds and icicles
  • Storm Temple: Temple and electric
  • Wishing Engine: The Wishing Engine