Lick The Toad
Righteous Path Screen
Vital Info
Location Comet
Level # 17
Terrain Psychedelia
Preceded by The Zoul Train
Succeeded by The Bitter End
Appearances Pandemonium 2

Lick The Toad is the seventeenth level of Pandemonium 2.


In another part of the Comet's core, the heroes must now traverse strange amphibian-based areas and avoid sentient obstacles. In the end, they must race a giant insect for the exit.


Note: Enemies only appear in the first section of this level as much of the level as stated above involves avoiding traps which seem to move themselves around.



  • The level's name refers to how certain toads' skin can contain psychoactive substances. In the 1970s many parents were concerned that children were licking toads to get a drug-related high. It also fits well with the level's amphibian-based themes.

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