Lancelot Castle was a castle within Lyr named after Lancelot in the Arthurian Legend.


Lancelot castle

Nikki dancing atop of a balcony in the castle

The castle was the first location that Fargus, Nikki and Sid wound up in, in fact the castle is where they first met. Prior to the events of Pandemonium!, the Castle hosted a "Wizards in Training Seminar" featuring Tony Vu, an expert wizard. Having dropped his precious book in one of the castle's corridors, it is soon discovered by the meddlesome trio - setting into motion the events that occur in Pandemonium!.

Nikki's spell which summoned the inter-dimensional being - Yungo, was cast from a balcony of Lancelot Castle. A small village (which Yungo then consumed) could be seen from this balcony.

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