The following are a list of idle animations that Fargus and Nikki perform in Pandemonium!. They are actions created using the engine ToysForBob developed and play when the player has left the console idle for some time.

There are four cycles of idle animations for both Nikki and Fargus. The first is a standing animation, the next two are performances, whilst the last is a sleep animation.



Stands posing with her hands on her hips. Alternates every second or so.


Nikki leaps into handstand, shifts her weight to just the one arm, then turns around and leaps off her arms back onto feet.

Standing BackflipEdit

Nikki performs a backflip from a standing position and ends with gymnast salute to both the front and rear.

Dozing offEdit

Nikki looks down then begins to collapse into slumber on the floor, she then sleeps on floor with knees up. After some time she gets up and stretches.



Fargus beams a grin and maliciously shakes Sid every few seconds.


Fargus throws Sid up in the air, but fails to catch him. Sid hits Fargus on head and falls on floor. Fargus shakes his head then looks at the floor where Sid fell, before picking him up.

A momentous momentumEdit

Fargus shakes Sid, but the momentum in his left arm results in his right arm falling off. Fargus looks down and scratches head with Sid in disbelief. He then managed to kicks it up with his right foot and miraculously back onto his body.

Dozing offEdit

Fargus leaps up and crashes down to the ground on his buttocks. He then sits for a while before using Sid to knock himself unconscious. An alternative to typical insomnia remedies to be sure.