Hot Pants (level)
Righteous Path Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # 4/Boss 1
Terrain Goon Kingdom
Preceded by Zorrscha's Lab
Succeeded by Stan's The Man
Appearances Pandemonium 2

Hot Pants is the first boss level of Pandemonium 2 and the fourth level in the game overall. Queen Zorrscha's observatory and rocket-shipyard lies atop the Icy peaks, the heroes must defeat the Dragoon that stands guard here to board a rocket which will take them to the Comet of Infinite Possibilities.


The level begins with the player walking on top of a castle's roofs. After a bit, they will fall on a small on a narrow, stone path (indicated by a purple arrow sign) loaded with two catapults. After a few steps further the Dragoon will appear, roaring in a short cutscene before the battle begins.

After the boss is defeated, new arrow signs will appear, directing the player towards the right end of the path where a copter awaits. Using it the player flies on a new path, leading through an observation tower, where a life upgrade can be found, and ultimately have them board a rocket that launches towards the Comet of Infinite Possibilities.



Nikki battling Hot Pants

The Dragoon will fly across the the path from a distance, occasionally charging towards it, spitting fire to damage the player or slowly flying inches above it while using his breath continuously as he passes. Both attacks leave some smaller fires behind and the latter can only be avoided by falling into a small gap in the middle of the path and wait for the Dragoon to pass. To defeat him, the player must fire the catapults at him while he flies in the distance, something that prompts him to attack. Six hits should be enough to beat him.


  • This is the last medieval themed level in the game.
  • Hot pants refer to a type of short shorts that are meant to emphasize the one's buttocks and the legs. Popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

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