Honcho's Airship
Honcho's Airship PSN-upload
Mystic Map Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # Level 13
Terrain Sky
Preceded by Goon Honcho
Succeeded by Dragoon Skyfort
Appearances Pandemonium!

Honcho's Airship comprises of Goon Honcho's airship and several levitating platforms situated above the Forest.


Having defeated Goon Honcho, Fargus and Nikki commandeer his airship. A tightly packed area with lots of treasure, and a hidden gold-rimmed heart, yet patrolled only lightly with Goons.

Leaping into the cannon fires you onto a levitating wooden platform, another of Goon Honcho's fortresses, this one held aloft by hot-air balloons. By avoiding automated pincers on the ground, explosive balloons on the platforms and guided missiles shot from afar, you will come to a third area.

Lined with elegant marble walkways, these large corridors are traversed by use of the Shapechanging ability of the dragoon. Make use of its fire breathing to disperse of the Explosive balloons.