Hollow Stairway
Hollow Stairway PSN-upload
Mystic Map Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # Level 2
Terrain Countryside
Preceded by Skull Fortress
Succeeded by Dungeon Tower
Appearances Pandemonium!

Hollow Stairway is a location in Lyr's countryside, occupied by Goons.


A relatively small area comprising of a tower, lift and Skull Fortress' rooftops. The central tower of the stairway can only be accessed by circling the tower on a spiraling wooden walkway to retrieve a key which leads you to a lift within the centre. Once given access to the lift, you may use the rooftops to reach the end of the level. Below the stairway lies Dungeon Tower, below that the Lost Caves.

From the top of the Hollow Stairway you can view the great expanse that is Lyr. You can see Spider Forest and Burning Desert in the distance.