Hit Points represent your health in Pandemonium! and Pandemonium 2.


Hit points disappear when enemies attack you or you fall afoul of hazards. Restoring hit points can be done by collecting Heart or Heart Ring pickups, while the maximum can also be increased by Gold-Rimmed Hearts or Hit Point Bonuses. Lose all your health and you lose one Ankh or Happy Face.


Heart In the first game, hit points are represented by hearts. Gold-Rimmed Hearts add Heart positions; you can have up to 7 hearts at the top of your screen. They are well hidden throughout the game, but are invaluable items to scout out and collect, making life for the player far easier. They are found in the following levels:


Ring In the second game, hit points are represented by a four-sectioned ring (three sections surrounding a inner circle), with additional health going in order of rainbow colours. Hit Point Bonuses add extra hit points to your health; you can have up to 16 hit points. They are well-hidden and require special requirements to collect. They are found in the following levels:

  • Hot Pants: Rewarded for defeating the boss.
  • Temple of Nori: Rewarded for getting to the top of the "Test Chamber" within the constraints of a time limit.
  • Pipe Haus: Rewarded at the end of the level for rescuing all the Eggs in the level.


  • The Ring of Pandemonium 2 is strikingly similar to the Google Chrome logo.