In A Nutshell
Gender Female
Race Human
Passions Magical hopping, beauty treatments, Clam.

Guppy (グッピー) was one of two playable characters in the Magical Hoppers along with her friend, Clam.


Guppy profile

Guppy profile

Requires expansion


Guppy street clothes

Guppy in her street clothes

Guppy is a 17 year old Magical Hopper who although cute, can become an uncontrollable force when angered. In her heart, she secretly likes Clam. In her spare time, she enjoys giving beauty treatments.


Dressed in a pink leotard donned with frilly shoulders and a large protruding white ornamental tail - her aquatic name reflects her colourful and fancy appearance. She has an affinity to bows, her long, blonde hair tied back in an aqua green one and her feet bloom with pink ones. But take caution, Guppy's innocent look and wide eyes of curiosity make her look less lethal than she actually is.

Moves and gameplayEdit

Guppy can hop over enemies and obstacles with ease, and use a double-jump to get to those hard to reach places.

She can also transform into a Dragon, Rhino, Frog and Turtle when presented the unique opportunity. Like Clam she can summon shields and use spells such as Fireballs, Shrink Rays and Freeze Rays.


  • She is the Japanese version of Nikki.