Goon Honcho

Nikki fighting the Honcho

"Dodo, bad I'll Flatten You!"
―Goon Honcho

"Goon Honcho" is a large Goon boss who owns a logmill in a dense forest of Lyr.


The Goon Honcho is a larger version of the Armored Goon. Instead of a sidearm, however, he owns a whopping big wooden mallet which he easily squashes things with.


Honcho seems to lead a small army within the woodland and seems very versatile, having founded a logmill and owning an airship. Even still, he appears in a lot of ways very similar to your average Goon, especially not learning from mistakes.


For a Goon, Honcho's remarkably vocal, issuing out humorous threats.

"Hey, what are you? No Use to Run Chicken?"
―Goon Honcho
"What are you Think you doing up there?"
―Goon Honcho
"OW! Stop Ruin My little nosey it's tiny!"
―Goon Honcho
"Hey.. You Hit Me that hurt I'm Gonna smash You This Time.."
―Goon Honcho
"Come down, At Once big-bird!"
―Goon Honcho


  • The word Honcho often means "boss", or "person in charge". It comes from the Japanese hancho - meaning "group leader" [1].


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