Goon Honcho

The villainous Goon Honcho

"Goons are just a bunch of fat, web-footed cretins."
Goons are a race of beings in Lyr that are spread far and wide and act as enemies.


Goons are the only other humanoid beings known to exist on Lyr. They are characterised by their large pig-like noses, droopy ears, webbed feet, clumsy strides and slow, labored voices (usually repetitively saying "Duh!").


Blow Dart Goon

Goon with a blow dart

Generic Goon

Boxing goon, a common foe

There are several types of Goon throughout the worlds of Pandemonium! and Pandemonium 2.


Often or not, the smaller Goons will be governed by larger versions of themselves, some of which require defeat if progression is required. Notable "Goon Bosses" are:


Hog Goon

Hog goon

Although they don't walk on two legs, there's a few familiar looking beasts out there in Lyr that harbor those cute snouts and darling teeth and claws.


  • The word Goon is typically used to describe someone that is employed as someone's personal enforcer, such as either a bodyguards or ruffians. Often kept on staff to intimidate or batter people. This fits in well with what we know of Goon Honcho's men.
  • Interestingly, historically the word Goon meant slow-witted and muscular (but gentle-natured). This also fits in well with the behaviour of the Pandemonium series' Goons [1]


(Note: Some names are purely conjectual, based on description alone)


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