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Wiki To Do List

  1. Complete detailing the location articles for Pandemonium 1
  2. Finish creating pages for each enemy in Pandemonium 1
  3. Begin creating articles for enemies in Pandemonium 2
  4. Add Righteous Path screencaps for Pandemonium 2 location articles
  5. Add information to location articles for Pandemonium 2
  6. Add information to the enemy articles for Pandemonium 2
  7. Tidy up some red links (eg. Eggs)
  8. Add descriptions to Righteous Path listing
  9. Finish boss levels on Pandemonium 1
  10. Expand the level backgrounds for Pandemonium 2
  11. Make the main page more presentable
  12. Add poll to main page

--Benxander (talk) 15:07, January 31, 2013 (UTC)

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