The Flying Fleugel Family were a family that owned a performing freak circus in Lyr.


Carnival life was dull, at least for the youngest member of the family - Nikki. Although Nikki was friends with Brenda and Fritz, she felt she was destined for greater things, and often daydreamed of becoming a wizard.

She left the circus when her daydreaming led to accidentally forgetting to feed a Lion that The Great Ziegfreed was performing with. During the following show the hungry feline almost tore off his arm - which was incidentally led to Nikki's fleeing from the circus.

Notable Members[1]Edit

  • Nikki Flying Fleugel
  • Brenda the Alligator Lady
  • Fritz The World's Smallest Cow
  • The Great Zeigfreed
  • Lions


  1. Pandemonium! Instruction Manual

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