Righteous Path Screen
Vital Info
Location Comet
Level # 13
Terrain Industrial Goon Outpost
Preceded by Hate Tank
Succeeded by Mr. Schneobelen
Appearances Pandemonium 2

Fantabulous is the thirteenth level of Pandemonium 2.


The main cooling facility of the Goon outpost is chockablock with giant fans. Avoid these if you can and find a way to overload the power to the outpost.


Note: very few enemies inhabit this level as the main obstacles are the fans.



  • "Fantabulous" was a word commonly used in London in the 1960s and 70s to describe various aspects of pop culture and fashions. It's a creative merger of fantastic and fabulous. The word's usage in the title of the level, however, refers to the many fans that populate the level.

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