"So, you want a wish, do ya? Well, you're gonna have to go through me - The Eyeball!"
―The Eyeball

The Eyeball is the final boss of Pandemonium!.



Eyeball fires his cannon.

What you would call -quite literally- the "eye of the storm", the Eyeball is the guardian of the Wishing Engine within the storm above Lyr. Unable to traverse the territory of the Wishing Engine without biological legs, the Eyeball makes use of a set of mechanical spider-legs to chase down intruders. Its high squeaky voice torments those daring enough to try securing a wish from the Engine.


The Eyeball is a ferocious foe, using an impressive arsenal of powerful rockets that he fires from a cannon in the centre of the storm. When not seated, his taloned mechanical legs are quick and deadly to those on the ground.


"Alright, now I'm mad! I'm gonna blow you into tiny, little pieces!"
―The Eyeball when control of his cannon is taken away from him.
"I'm gonna kill you so bad!"'
―The Eyeball when about half of his health is depleted.

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