Dragoons are the Pandemonium series' equivalent of dragons and like many Goons, take the affix of "Goon" in their name.



Nikki as a Dragoon

Dragoons can come in at least two variants. The first is a small green dragoon which Nikki and Fargus can shapechange and the second is a servant to Queen Zorrscha and is a much larger antagonistic beast with colourings of blue, gold and red by the name of Hot Pants. Their heads are reminiscent of other Goons, as they have upturned noses.



The servant of Zorrscha, Hot Pants

Dragoons have both the capability of flight and of breathing fire making them formidable foes. They are most likely revered in Lyr, with fortresses like Dragoon Skyfort potentially being named in their honour. On the other hand, if they have sentience, such fortresses could well have been constructed by Dragoons themselves, thus displaying great wisdom and knowledge.

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