The Credits of Pandemonium 2 roll once the game is completed. The credits show not only the staff that worked on the game, but also a comical series of "outtakes" from the game, rendered in full motion video. The PC version does not include the outtakes, as the credits in the PC version are presented in a generic screen with the names written with the In-Game Text Font and with the Title music playing all the way through.

Full motion videoEdit

  • Several takes of Fargus in Puzzlewood;
    • Fargus throws Sid into some coins, but when Sid returns, he hits Fargus in the face, knocking the latter over.
    • Fargus throws Sid again, but this time, a Dog Goon appears out of nowhere and grabs Sid.
    • Fargus throws Sid into the coins again, but Sid hits the camera on the return trip.
    • Fargus throws Sid a fourth time, but Sid collides with a nest of Wasps forcing Fargus to beat a hasty retreat.
  • At the Temple of Nori, Nikki roasts a marshmallow on a temple fire, while Fargus tries to impale an Egg with Sid.
  • When Nikki's ending plays out, as she rises, she hits her head on a passing planet.
  • In Ice Prison, Fargus jumps over a Goon and bounces on a trampoline, but the Goon throws the trampoline away causing Fargus to hit the floor hard.
  • In Huevos Libertad!, a Walking Fish hops by, then Nikki tries to reel it in with a fishing rod.


  • Lead Programmer: Andrew Lacey
  • Lead Artist: Leon Cannon
  • Lead Designer: Zak Krefting
  • Programmers: Lisa Ching, Steve Timson
  • Artists: Maj Cole, Gary Ellington, Roger Ferris, Laura Grieve, Freddie Lee, Dave Renneker, Stephen Trusty, Scott Werner.
  • Designers: Rick D'Alosio, Chris Scholz, Reuben Simonson, Tom Teuscher, Caroline Trujilo, Gerald Vera
  • Producers: Caroline Esmurdoc, Sam Player
  • Executive producer: Mark Wallace
  • Virtual Bob 3D Game System design and implementation: Fred Ford, Paul Reiche III, Ken Ford
  • Additional art: Steve Kongsle, Suzanne Doughtery
  • Additional Design: Richard Lemarchand
  • Stunt artists: Terry Falls, Dave Reyes, Mira Soriano, Keyframe Asylum for the Digitally Insane
  • Sound effects and Video compression: Mark Steven Miller, Steve Papoutsis
  • Music: Burke Trieschmann
  • Test Manager: Alex Ness
  • Lead Tester: Matt Prescott
  • Testers: Jeremy Bredow, Chris Bruno, Rolef Conlan, Casey Craig, Damien Lacy, Doug Leslie, Dan Miley, Bill Mitchell, Matt Young
  • Voice of Fargus & Sid: Martin Ganapoler
  • Voice of Nikki: Deborah Ben-Eliezer
  • Voice-over direction: Beth Kaufman
  • Full Motion Animation: Mondo Media, Keyframe Digital Productions
  • 3D Models for Full Motion Animation: Zygote Media Group
  • Product Marketing Manager: Jim Curry
  • Special thanks: Patrick Bradley, Jason Carr, Rob Dyer, Steve Groll, Kristen Growney, Karl Hagemann, Rob Johnson, Caryn Nadelberg, Brian Silva, Chris Stefanetti, Scott Steinberg, Lita Unruh

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