Shielded Dragoon vs Branky

The Credits of Pandemonium! roll once the game is completed. They are unique in that they provide both a form of closing-credits, and a playable level. Progressing through the level "rolls" the credits on.


The level is chock-a-block full of power-ups and enemies from various previous levels. You cannot die in the level, so be sure to thoroughly investigate the level as there are secrets.



Playable credits in Pandemonium!

  • Lead Programmer: Ken Ford
  • Lead Programmer: Fred Ford
  • Lead Designer: Paul Reiche III
  • Lead Artist: Steve Kongsle
  • Producer: Mark Wallace
  • Designer: Zak Krefting
  • Assistant Producer: Caroline Esmurdoc
  • Level Designers: Richard D'Aliosio, Chris Sholtz, Reuben Simonson, Ton *Treuscher, Gerald Vera
  • Artists: Suzanne Dougherty, Arnold Ayala, Fred Ruff, Leon Cannon, Gary *Ellington, Maj Cole, Sean Murphy, Scott Werner
  • Additional Artists: Mira Ross, Laura Grieve, Steve Suhy, Terry Falls, Simon *Knights, Tenaya Sims, Andy Mitchell, Tim Wright
  • Music: Burke Trieschmann
  • Sound FX: Mark Miller, Burke Trieschmann, Paul Reiche III
  • Stunt Programmer: Sean Vikoren
  • Marketing: Katie Bolich, Scott Steinberg, Chip Blundell
  • Starring as Fargus and Sid: Greg Proops
  • Starring as Nikki: Helen Keaney
  • Wishing Engine and Yungo: Martin Ganapoler
  • Writing: Paul Jenkins, Ken Daly, Ed Crasnick, Paul Reiche III


  • Animation Sequence: Windlight Studios
  • 3D Character Models: WakiMudi
  • Sound Effects: Poolside Studios
  • Voice Recording Technician: Greg Chapman
  • Voice-Overs Directed by: Gordon Hunt
  • Music: Burke Trieschmann
  • AV: Mark Miller, Katy Weathers
  • Test Manager: Alex Ness
  • Lead Tester: Jeremy Bredow
  • Assistant Lead Testers: Michael Brown, Bret Robbins
  • Co-Lead Testers: Ron Allen, Kevin Kwan
  • Test: Dave Benkoski, Sako Bezdjian, Anthony Borba, Attilio Brandi, Chris Bruno, Shun Chang, Casey James Craig, Scott Chrisostomo, Joe Damon, Jim Delgrosso, Mitch Giampaoli, Doug Leslie, Billy King, Richard Krinock, Samson Maciel, Scott Matt, Dan Miley, Billy Mitchell, Eddie Ramirez, Jim Reuter, Sheatiel Sarao, Jason Sinclair, Dean Sitton, Randy Smaha, Samuel Villanueva, Pat Walsh, Jeff Wilkinson, John Yanik, Matthew Young
  • Manual: Carol Ann Hqanshaw