Coins or "Treasure" are a currency within the land of Lyr in both Pandemonium! and Pandemonium 2.


Collecting 300 (Pandemonium!) or 500 (Pandemonium 2) coins gains you an extra life.

In the first game, Green Coins are valued at 1, Red Coins add 5 to your score and Purple Coins are worth 25 coins. Double Treasure Timers can be found which doubles the value of all coins picked up in 10 seconds.

In the second game, the values of the Red and Green coins had swapped around and the Double Treasure Timers were omitted.


In the first game, the coins were shaped like a hexagon, with differently coloured circles in the centre denoting their values.

In the second game, the coins are round with a symbol similar to the one on the back of Fargus' outfit.

Coin BonusEdit

Picking up almost all of the coins in a level earns you entry into a bonus round.