Cloud Citadel
Cloud Citadel PSN-upload
Mystic Map Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # Level 15
Terrain Sky
Preceded by Dragoon Skyfort
Succeeded by Efreet Palace
Appearances Pandemonium!

Cloud Citadel is a large floating castle found high above Lyr. Supposedly built by giants for the purpose of holding large amounts of treasure [1], the Citadel is located out at sea, past the mainland as you can see several rivers running into a vast body of water below.


With walkways composed of shards of glass and interiors of the citadel made of marble, Cloud Citadel is a magnificent sight. But dangers are abundant as strong, cold winds can throw you from its slippery ledges. Using cannons and exposed springs you must propel yourself to the highest regions.

Be thankful of the castle's technological superiority, for mechanical platforms and teleportation chambers make the climb much more manageable.

Another castle can be seen in the distance, and as you reach the ending platform Efreet Palace can also be seen hovering a short way away.




  1. Pandemonium! instruction manual (N-gage)

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