In A Nutshell
Gender Male
Race Human
Passions Magical hopping
Hates Behaving honestly

Clam (クラム) was one of two playable characters in the Magical Hoppers along with his friend, Guppy.


Clam profile

Clam's profile

Requires expansion


Clam street clothes

Clam in his street clothes

Clam is a 19 year old Magical Hopper who hates behaving in an honest manner. He is smooth-tongued and lively in nature, his only weakness being his inability to talk with girls.


A concern for safety is Clam's priority as a Magical Hopper, and like his name suggests, he dresses himself in a protective shell. A blue lycra suit is worn for ease of jumping, and is protected by an orange cargo vest, knee pads, elbow pads, boots and gloves. A set of goggles ensures his eyes are protected and his green helmet secures his noggin - his long ginger hair protruding from both the front and back.

Moves and gameplayEdit

Clam can hop over enemies and obstacles with ease, and is able to attack his enemies by rolling into them. He can also use Sid as a weapon where necessary.

He can also transform into a Dragon, Rhino, Frog and Turtle when presented the unique opportunity. Like Guppy he can summon shields and use spells such as Fireballs, Shrink Rays and Freeze Rays.


  • He is the Japanese version of Fargus.