Transformation into The Buddha

Transformation into the Buddha

"I will not be defeated! UTTER OBLIVION!!!"
―Zorrscha before and during transformation.

The Buddha is the final boss of Pandemonium 2 in the level Rub the Buddha.


It is essentially Queen Zorrscha transformed by the magic of the Comet of Infinite Possibilities. The likelihood is that she wished to become the form she takes on.


The Buddha is able to shoot energy from her eyes and utilize magic crystals. When in desperation she will seperate her head and spine from the main body.


  • Gautama Buddha is a well-known mythological teacher found in Buddhism. The form of a chubby man sitting in the lotus-position, usually as statues and ornaments, is often referred to as The or A Buddha. Zorrscha takes on this guise, along with several extra arms (possibly associated with Hindu deities).
  • The name Buddha translates as "the awakened one" or "the enlightened one", Zorrscha's wish could well have been to have all knowledge - thus taking on the form of a Buddha.

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