Branky Wastes
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Mystic Map Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # Level 8
Terrain Desert
Preceded by Burning Desert
Succeeded by Spider Forest
Appearances Pandemonium!

Branky Wastes is a dry location beyond Lyr's countryside, inhabited by Goons.


Notable for its nest of Brankies, Branky Wastes is a dangerous patch of the Desert. Cacti and other plants grow in this part of the desert as it isn't as hot as the Burning Desert. It is also home to one very large animal within the Branky territory whose remains are left merely as large skeletons preserved in the heat. It is also the one and only time Fargus or Nikki gains the ability to shapechange into a rhino and just as well, to charge through any Brankies along the trail.

Near the end of the level, you can view the beautiful Spider Forest at the edge of the desert.