"Huge appetite. Small attention span."

The Branky[1] is one of the most dangerous enemies found in Lyr. The region Branky Wastes, takes its name after these vicious inhabitants.


Hog Goon

Vicious Branky

Brankies are large hog-like Goons with a beastly temperament. They spend a lot of their day lazing in the hot sun, but coming too close to these Goons shows one how aggressive they can be. Vicious growls, razor sharp teeth and powerful legs mean that if you don't out run the Branky, you're pretty much signing yourself up for his next meal.

There is however one way of killing these beasts, if one has the rhino shapeshift activated, a lengthy charge with a well placed horn will easily disperse this foe.

The face of the Branky resembles many of the Goons found elsewhere in Lyr, although this animal may be far from related.


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