"Dart-blowin' yellow-bellies"

Blow Goons[1] are Goons found in the dense forests of Lyr. Some inhabit Spider Forest, others dwell in Canopy Village and some are found in Honcho's Logmill and the Soldier Barracks.


Blow Dart Goon

Blow Goon

Blow Goons are of average size compared to Fargus and Nikki. Like many other Goons, they have pig-like noses and webbed feet, clumsy strides and slurred vocals that resemble the word: "Duh!"

What make these warriors different are their usage of a projectile weapon. Rather than darts, they shoot some form of insect from their blowpipes. They will fire upon their victim, sometimes from afar, sometimes from perched ledges above. They wear Robin Hood styled hats with red felt and feathers.


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