"Have dagger, will travel"

Armored Goons[1] are powerful Goons found in the dense forests of Lyr. The majority of them are stationed in Honcho's Logmill and the Soldier Barracks, though a few are also seen in the Ice Prison and in Zorrscha's Lab.


Soldier Goon

Armored Goon with sword and shield

Armored Goons are fairly bulky beasts, especially compared to Fargus and Nikki. Like many other Goons, they have pig-like noses and webbed feet, clumsy strides and slurred vocals that resemble the word: "Duh!"

But these beasts are far more powerful than their smaller cousins. With sword and shield in hand and a powerful armored body, these brutes take much more strength and firepower to dispose of.

It's possible that these Goons are part of Goon Honcho's military force; they're within his logmill and barracks close by and look almost identical to himself, albeit far smaller.


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