Gamesradar+'s "12 Dead Characters that deserve new life."

A few months ago, back in April 2016, Anthony John Agnello of Gamesradar+ made a listing of "dead characters" that he believed deserved "new life" in future games. Our beloved Nikki and Fargus made the cut!

Agnello writes: "Long before it flooded homes with plastic Skylanders toys, Toys for Bob made one of the world’s first polygonal platformers. Pandemonium appeared on almost every game playing machine under the sun between 1996 and the earlier ‘00s, from the PlayStation to Nokia’s poor doomed Ngage, and no version of it was particularly good. The jumping lacked the precise feel that makes for a great platformer. Its heroes Nikki the magician and Fargus the jester were instantly likable characters, though, their simple, colorful design making them stand far out amidst the gun-toting dudebros, sword-bearing fantasy archetypes and animal mascots that ruled the era (and most of today.) Rather than give those characters room to grow in a more expansive sequel, Pandemonium 2 came out in 1997 and gave the duo a stereotypically EXTREME makeover for the ‘90s and they were never heard from again. These two should have been the stars of an adventure game from the start, wandering their vaguely medieval world, accidentally casting mischievous spells on unsuspecting villagers, and generally living in a place as colorfully wrought as they were."

Other characters Agnello was interested in were: Nariko, Kyle Hyde, Samanosuke, Cate Archer, Musashi, Mike from StarTropics, Robbit, Blackthorne, Kaim, Missile from Ghost Trick, Hana from Fear Effect.

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